Man is not only formed of vibrations, but he lives and moves in them; they surround him as the fish is surrounded by water.


As this world changes around us the need to connect deeply with our vibrations is ever more important. Shankara's music enables you to transcend from the stresses and pressure of our world and invoke healing and profound transformations within. Enter into a timeless space of sonic bliss.

Two CD's for £15.00 inc: post and packing

andy bole

From Northern Sky Magazine - Compulsive scanners of album covers and details, those of us who spend hours hunched over boxes of records and Cds enter a zen like state. Fingers flicking, eyes alert for gems. Everyone has their own talismans they look for Beacons if you like shining through the unknown. It might be labels, covers. For me anything on Peter Gabriel's Real World label gets checked out, similarly anything recorded at the Real World studios gets a closer look. Both of these things are indications of quality and an inevitable left field approach. The name Shankara Andy Bole, and Taylor Whitham's striking Crow Art cover both grab your attention and the fact that its recorded at Real World draws you in like the slow unwrapping of a present.